The Discover phase of engagement with our Equilibrium team combines energy modeling, engineering design, decarbonization strategy and whole-building facility condition assessments to deliver a practical, actionable plan for the facility being addressed. This data is used to develop a formal return on investment model, project scope and budget via our experienced team and vetted LMMW Partner Program contractors.


Equilibrium Engineering has been selected as the winner of the Power Forward Challenge!

The $1-million prize for the Power Forward Challenge – aimed at accelerating smart grid technology and in collaboration with the UK government – was awarded to Equilibrium Engineering for their Alba Nova project, developed in partnership with Scotland-based StorTera. Using an innovative artificial intelligence platform to predict solar and wind energy generation and the demand of customers for the day ahead, the project in the Town of Berwick, Nova Scotia, introduced a unique smart grid solution that integrates intelligent energy storage, energy efficiency, renewable energy generation and demand-side response. This replicable solution will store renewable energy to be used when it cannot be produced, providing value to the utility grid and customers while driving down greenhouse gas emissions.


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