The Discover phase of engagement with our Equilibrium team combines energy modeling, engineering design, decarbonization strategy and whole-building facility condition assessments to deliver a practical, actionable plan for the facility being addressed. This data is used to develop a formal return on investment model, project scope and budget via our experienced team and vetted LMMW Partner Program contractors.


Renewable / Energy System Design




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Renewable / Energy System Design

Harness the power of Renewable Energy

Why Renewable Energy?

Implementation of sustainable energy enables building owners to reduce fossil fuel consumption and lower overall carbon emissions.

Our team will help you design, install, and maintain the optimum renewable energy systems appropriate for your facility.

Achieve greater energy independence, savings, and emissions reduction.

Reliable, clean, and resilient power

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems harness the abundant power of the sun, providing a reliable and renewable source of electricity. Key benefits include:

A New Era of Power Management

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) offer building owners a transformative solution that goes beyond conventional power management. Key benefits include:

Which Renewable Energy System is right for your facility?

Our extensive experience in renewable energy, coupled with our collaborative process, helps ensure the right systems are specified to meet your operational and budgetary requirements. Our team will also assist with identifying options for project funding to help you maximize return on investment.

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