The Discover phase of engagement with our Equilibrium team combines energy modeling, engineering design, decarbonization strategy and whole-building facility condition assessments to deliver a practical, actionable plan for the facility being addressed. This data is used to develop a formal return on investment model, project scope and budget via our experienced team and vetted LMMW Partner Program contractors.


Facility Management




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Facility Management

Caring for your entire facility

L360 provides commercial building owners and their tenants with a comprehensive approach to facility management and maintenance. Our depth of resources and expertise helps reduce operational costs, extends facility lifespan and improves tenant satisfaction.

Discover • Optimize • Maintain

L360 combines the latest inspection methodologies with proven management, construction, and maintenance expertise to optimize facility performance and ensure tenant satisfaction.

Facility Management plans are fully customizable and can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of your staff and tenants, from cleaning and maintenance services, to snow clearing and security. Via periodic inspections and proactive preventative maintenance planning, L360 helps building owners identify issues and address any required repairs or upgrades to their facility.

L360 Facility Management services include:

Expertise to manage and maintain your entire facility

“Our experience with L360 has been nothing short of lovely and amazing communication is superb with all interactions, whether virtual or onsite, exemplary. The L360 team exudes professionalism and kindness with every request and solutions are found within a timely and efficient manner.”

Jennifer Davey, Health Services Manager
Nova Scotia Health Authority

“Our unit has had multiple unpredictable weather-related obstacles within the last 6 months. Fortunately, L360’s facility management has been there to ease the burden that these have had on our business. They have been quick to respond and each time have arranged the appropriate technician to be onsite the same day. I have been very pleased with L360’s quality of service.”

Patrick Murray, Pharmacy Manager
East Coast Apothecary

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