The Discover phase of engagement with our Equilibrium team combines energy modeling, engineering design, decarbonization strategy and whole-building facility condition assessments to deliver a practical, actionable plan for the facility being addressed. This data is used to develop a formal return on investment model, project scope and budget via our experienced team and vetted LMMW Partner Program contractors.


Deep Energy Retrofits




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Deep Energy Retrofits

Optimize and modernize your facility.

With access to the largest construction, renovation and energy retrofit teams in Atlantic Canada, our L360 team delivers depth of resources and scalability.

Our team of engineers, estimators, project managers and skilled sub-trades (LMMW Partner Program members) have the expertise to tackle any project.

From HVAC retrofits and renewable energy system installations to facility upgrades and general renovations, L360 unifies all critical resources under a single umbrella. The result? A more energy-efficient and better-performing building!

An integrated approach to decarbonization, energy efficiency, and facility performance optimization

We believe that stepping outside the traditional project development and delivery model is critical to improving the resilience of our built environment, while reducing our environmental impact and providing sustainable socioeconomic benefits to our communities.

Implementing recommended energy retrofits and facility upgrades involves engaging members of our team previously engaged with the Discover phase of the project. This integrated approach ensures a better understanding of the design and project objectives, which helps reduce risk for our clients and significantly speeds up the overall project implementation process.

Our transparent and collaborative procurement process ensures a practical balance between good value and best-in-class solution implementation.

L360’s deep energy retrofit services include:

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