The Discover phase of engagement with our Equilibrium team combines energy modeling, engineering design, decarbonization strategy and whole-building facility condition assessments to deliver a practical, actionable plan for the facility being addressed. This data is used to develop a formal return on investment model, project scope and budget via our experienced team and vetted LMMW Partner Program contractors.



Ensure compliance with the latest building codes and energy rebate requirements to reduce costs and emissions

An Energy Model will empower you to make informed energy retrofit decisions through comprehensive energy and facility performance analysis while helping to accelerate the attainment of available funding to finance your project.

What is Energy Modeling

Energy modeling simulates and analyzes energy systems and facilities to identify opportunities for improvement, assess the impact of various strategies, and optimize energy consumption. By using sophisticated algorithms, we will model energy flows, predict energy usage patterns, and evaluate the performance of different energy-efficient technologies. This enables us to provide tailored energy retrofit recommendations that maximize energy efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact.



Cost Savings

Identify opportunities for reducing energy consumption and optimizing systems, leading to significant cost savings on energy.

Building Code Compliance

Compliance with the NECB 2020 code is required for efficiency design, permitting and financial lenders.

Renewable Sustainability

Optimizing energy usage and integrating renewable energy sources reduces carbon footprint and lowers energy consumption.

Improved Building Performance

Enhancing energy performance achieves thermal comfort and reduces operational burdens and associated costs.

Risk Mitigation

Assessing the impact of different energy retrofit/design strategies before implementation reduces risk and facilitates informed decisions based on accurate data and thoughtful predictions.

Funding and Rebate Application Assistance

We can provide guidance and application assistance on available municipal, provincial and federal rebate programs (such as CMHC MLI Select), helping you implement eligible energy efficiency upgrades that qualify for preferred funding.

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